Jacobsen Pharma has been merged with the PharmaLex Group

As of July 5th, 2016, the PharmaLex Group, a leading specialist provider of Development Consulting & Scientific Affairs, Regulatory Affairs and Pharmacovigilance, has completed the formal merger with Jacobsen Pharma & MedTech Advice.

Existing clients will be pleased to know that Jacobsen Pharma & MedTech Advice will continue to provide the same services through the same contact persons as hitherto. In addition to this, we will be able to provide further services as described below.

After the merging of Jacobsen Pharma & MedTech Advice and the PharmaLex Group we are now part of an organisation with over 500 employees in 18 offices in 12 countries and more than 550 satisfied clients worldwide. Our relationship with PharmaLex enables us to provide a wider range of consultancy, processing and support services, including:

  • faster international support for client products and excellent local expertise  supported by subject-specific experts.
  • an even greater collective pool of experience in drug development, regulatory affairs and pharmacovigilance.
  • local support with a larger team of over 400 specialists working in Denmark, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Norway, UK, Bulgaria, USA, India, UAE, Brazil and China.
  • swift deployment of regional and highly qualified staff covering your short-term demands.

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